About Gabrielle


Art has been a natural part of my childhood as well as an immense gift, which I am able to enjoy, cultivate, and share with my community, acquaintances, and my loved ones.


I receive the most joy and satisfaction by returning this gift back to the ones who have motivated me, the ones who invested in their gifts by guiding me, and indirectly to the ones who will never see me, but can receive my contribution through my art.


Art is a gift to both the one who creates it and the person who receives it. Art has a unique power of harmonizing people through beauty. By creating a work of art, I attempt to give a piece of the fire, passion, and enthusiasm that inspires me, in hopes that another may experience more than myself; that glory which is at the heart and purpose of my existence.

As I create and paint, art is no longer just a creative process. It becomes a beautiful act, a voice, and a call to something greater; infinite beauty.